You may ask yourself, “why a boudoir shoot?” My response, “why NOT a boudoir shoot?” Want to feel empowered? Want to see what I see? Now is the time to push through the block and see what all the buzz is about!!!

It amazes me to watch the transformation take place before my eyes. It always happens this way; I get an e mail or a call that she wants to do it but is a little hesitant. Something is telling her to do this and something is holding her back. Should she? Should she not? I think that’s the most difficult step in this process…making that connection and showing up!

She’s vulnerable, she’s a little insecure, she’s not quite sure but deep down inside she knows she has it. Just needs for someone to believe in her! And that’s the next hardest step..to trust the person behind the camera to take photographs that she will love.

It’s no secret that she sometimes sees herself differently than how others see her. Most of us feel that way. She will tell me what she doesn’t like about herself. I tell her I don’t see what she sees. And then I explain to her that she only sees the bits of herself while everyone else sees the entire persona. Ever gravitate towards someone who may not be a physical beauty but to you she is so beautiful? That’s because you see the whole her and not the parts of her. That’s what I am talking about. My job is to show her the “whole” her in a photograph and by doing so she exposes her vulnerability. It is here I capture her soul. She looks at the back of the camera and says, “Is that me?” and I say, “Hell, ya..that’s you!” And then the magic happens. She stands a little taller, she acts a little more confident and she emerges like a beautiful butterfly ready to spread her wings and fly!!!

So, to the question, “why a boudoir session?”, the answer is, “come on a journey of self-discovery; fall in love with yourself all over again and greet the world with confidence, renewed sense of energy and love of self. You will be so glad you did!”

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Annapolis Boudoir Photography is a division of Visual Concepts Photography conveniently located in Davidsonville, MD and serves the Greater Annapolis area, Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and the eastern shore.

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