by Annapolis Boudoir Photography

“What do I wear for my boudoir photography session?” I get that question a lot.

My answer is simple: “Whatever it is that makes you feel beautiful.”

It could be lingerie, a sexy top, dress or skirt. It could be your partner’s shirt. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself.

I would, however, suggest not wearing bulky or boxy clothes. You want to show off your curves.

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Here’s how to pick your outfits:

Think about what it is about you that is unique: Are you a jeans/t-shirt kinda girl?  Cowboy boots and hat?  Are you a city girl and have that little black dress you love to wear?  Are you vixen or do you like the soft, creamy, vintage look? 

Once you have figured out what it is that resonates, start pulling those outfits from your closet and choose the ones that make you feel oh-so-sexy!!  For example, who doesn’t love an over-sized button shirt?  It’s a very sexy look!  And what about that tailored jacket worn over a bra and panty set?  Or a favorite team shirt?  All of these work!!

At a loss?  Not to worry!!  We have some beautiful pieces in our studio that can supplement what you bring with you. 

 And, of course, a simple white sheet goes a very long way!!

Here is a video tour of our studio which highlights some of the wardrobe we have available for you:

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