Ever feel bad about yourself?  Do you look in the mirror and cringe?  Do you gasp when you walk by a mirror?

You are not alone.

I would guess 99.9% of women share the same sentiments. I’ve heard it over and over again. I thought that when I started this genre, women wouldn’t do a boudoir session because they gained weight. It surprised me that almost everyone never mentions that. It’s more about feeling beaten down, not good enough, needing a lift.

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My job as a boudoir photographer is to show you the whole you. You never get to see the entire you. But everyone else does.  You don’t see what they see because you are busy looking at the bits of you that you don’t like. You know what I am talking about; we’ve all been there — everyone of us.

And here is where the power of photography comes in !

Photographs tell a story.  They show you what I see but only if you push through your blocks, break down your barriers and let me in. Because when you do, magic happens, and I get to see the transformation right in front of my eyes. Here is how this happens:

The moment you arrive in my studio with your outfits, you will inevitably say, “I am so nervous.” And, I say, “Yea, me too!” We giggle and the ice is broken. The next step is you relaxing in the makeup artist’s chair, letting her do her magic while you enjoy the splendors of bubbly and covered chocolate strawberries. Why not? You deserve it. You deserve to be pampered and have the light shine on you.

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Next, you step into the studio. Light music is playing and we start photographing. It’s a dance; we are getting comfortable with each other and sometimes we stop to do some deep breathing exercises and perhaps a bit of meditation. You will see the back of the camera, and will be a little surprised at how good you look.

Well, I knew it all along — you just needed to see it. Just imagine if you hadn’t taken that first step, right? You are beginning to believe. You change into your next outfit and are starting to feel it. You’ve awakened. You are getting it . . . you are letting your light shine.

It is usually then that I start to see the transformation take place. You can’t believe it’s you. You are feeling empowered, you are not shrinking but instead standing a little taller, and you are letting your light shine. Magic happens. You radiate love, goodness and light.

During the last outfit change, you are now transformed and ready to go!!! It’s like a lingerie explosion in my studio!! “Whatever you want, Linda.” “You make me feel so beautiful.” And I push you to your limits.

It’s the most gratifying gift I can give you. The gift of self love.

After the session, you are glowing, simply glowing from the entire experience. And I always mention to make a date afterwards — go out and celebrate you, your uniqueness, your beauty. And let your light shine.

Once you do, you give permission for others to do the same.

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