. . . and we don’t mean nude!

No, we’re not talking about being nude. . .  we’re talking about being yourself . . . 

about being the natural YOU, not the image others may have of you!

A boudoir session is not about how much skin you are willing to show . . . it’s about feeling free to be YOU!  About relaxing and letting your inner self shine. 

Who are you?  What are you about? 

Are you sexy and sultry or fun and giggles?

Are you demure or brazen? 

Urban with a country soul?  Country with an urban soul?

Whatever you are, we want you to let it out for the camera.  We want to capture beautiful images of the inner you that may have all too often been tucked away or hidden.

We talk about a boudoir session being a liberating experience because it is.  Women come into our boudoir studio often feeling unsure – not only of what they are getting into, but also of themselves.  We see it all the time. 

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But during the boudoir session, they are transformed!  Here is how this happens:

The moment you arrive in my studio with your outfits, you will inevitably say, “I am so nervous.” And, I say, “Yea, me too!” We giggle and the ice is broken. The next step is you relaxing in the makeup artist’s chair, letting her do her magic while you enjoy the splendors of bubbly and covered chocolate strawberries. Why? You deserve it. You deserve to be pampered and have the light shine on you.

Next, you step into the studio. Light music is playing and I start photographing. It’s a dance; we are getting comfortable with each other and sometimes we stop to do some deep breathing exercises and perhaps a bit of meditation. You will see the back of the camera, and be a little surprised at how good you look.

Well, I knew it all along — you just needed to see it yourself. Just imagine if you hadn’t taken that first step, right? Now, you are beginning to believe. You change into your next outfit and are starting to feel it. You’ve awakened. You are getting it.  You are letting your light shine.

It is usually then that I start to see the transformation take place. You can’t believe it’s you. You are feeling empowered, you are not shrinking but instead standing a little taller, and you are letting your light shine. Magic happens. You radiate love, goodness and light.

During the last outfit change, you are now transformed and ready to go!!! It’s like a lingerie explosion in my studio!! “Whatever you want, Linda.” “You make me feel so beautiful.” And I push you to your limits.

That’s the transformative power of a boudoir session with Annapolis Boudoir !

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