I hear it all the time: I need to lose 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 20 lbs and then I will do a boudoir session with you (insert nervous laugh).

Yea, NO, you do not need to lose weight before a boudoir session.  Why would you?

Are you defining yourself by a number on the scale? Is that how you see yourself? By how much you weigh? Step back from the scale for a moment and listen up! You are body shaming yourself, girlfriend.


Would  you ever say the same to your girlfriend. “Hey girl, you are going to do a boudoir session? Aren’t you going to lose a few pounds first?” Of course not! You would never say that to anyone, let alone your BFF! So why say it you!

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What if I were to let you in on a secret? Are you with me so far?  GOOD! Here it is:

You are beautiful just the way you are, right here right now!

Let’s look at the whole you, shall we? You rock it! You look great, you have a great personality, you are loved by your friends and family. You are amazing!

Now here is the secret . . . BELIEVE it! Believe what I just said. Close your eyes and say to yourself, “I am beautiful!” “I am beautiful” “I AM BEAUTIFUL!” Now open your eyes. You feeling it? You bet you are! Because you are not letting weight define who you are. You are a BADASS who needs to let her light shine and by doing so, you will allow others around you to let their light shine as well.

I can go into all the stuff we pros do to make you look gorgeous with the proper lighting, proper clothing, etc. etc., but I am not going there because that isn’t what this is about.

It is all about YOU believing you are beautiful and not allowing a number define who you are.

Like not EVER!

I hope you read this far and, if so, that you will take that first step and set up a complimentary telephone consult.  Let’s chat!  That phone call may change your life and the way you see yourself forever.

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