Sexy Things You Have in Your Closet Right Now

for Your Boudoir Session

You are about to do a boudoir session and have no idea what to wear, right?

Well, here is a list of sexy things you have in your closet right now…

            -partner’s oversized shirt!
            -bra and panty set (doesn’t have to be fancy)
            -a black dress
            -short skirt
            -cut-off jean shorts
            -man’s tie
            -high heels
            -cowboy boots
            -cowboy hat
            -jean jacket
            -boy shorts
            -silk robe
            -jeans/jean cutoffs
            -fedora hat
            -off-the-shoulder top
            -whatever makes you feel sexy and oh-so-feminine 

We have a small studio wardrobe at your disposal and plenty of sheets that clients absolutely love. Pinterest is always a great place to start looking for inspiration or ideas. 

In summary, whatever makes you feel beautiful, feminine, sexy works!! But, stay away from loose fitting clothes as they tend to not flatter in photographs. 

Here are some sample images to inspire you! 

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