How Revealing Will My Boudoir Session Be?

So let’s talk about the question that is on your mind: how revealing will my boudoir session be?

My style of boudoir photography is classic black and white that accentuates the sensual side rather than the sexy side. I am not about objectifying the woman but more about capturing her soul and spirit and to show her how beautiful she is. What transpires is that she falls in love with herself and she greets the world with a renewed sense of spirit. I love details such as the nape of the neck, the collarbone, the curve of the waist, the shape of the back, the way she looks at the camera, the subtlety and the hint of….

More than anything, I love capturing the mystery of the woman in my portraits  — her sensuality is very subtle, yet it is there, like a present waiting to be opened up. 

You have the final say on what it is that you want to wear. In order for you to decide, our consultation digs deep into what makes you unique. Remember, we are all originals and my job is to find your original. Some of my clients love lacy boudoir type clothes, others get in touch with their cowgirl side and love wearing cowboy boots, cowboy hat, jacket and cut off jeans. Others love long, flowy sensual type clothing….it is whatever you want.  Some clients prefer art type photography showing more curves, lines, angles of the body and do not want to be restricted by clothing items. Again, it is all personal taste. 

I will guide you through the process and together we will come up with a vision board tailor made just for you. A good place to start thinking about what to wear is my blog on “Sexy Things You Have in Your Closet Right Now.” Remember…whatever makes you feel beautiful, sexy, sensual is what you want to consider when planning out your own boudoir session. I will be here to guide you every step of the way.

Linda McCarthy is a professional boudoir photographer in the Greater Annapolis area serving Baltimore, Washington, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.  To schedule your complimentary consultation, click the button below.


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