How a Boudoir Session Can Heal You

And Make You Fall In Love With Yourself Again !

by Linda McCarthy

I think the biggest surprise from photographing boudoir sessions is how women start to heal and then fall in love with themselves all over again.  They start to believe that they are indeed amazing women, beautiful, breathtaking and thus start on a journey of self discovery that will forever change how they see themselves. Check out Sophia’s story here..

This is Sophia.  Read how a phone call changed her life:

You may have been through a life-changing trauma or going through one right now and need to have validation. This session will definitely give  you the boost you need!! TRUST ME on this one!! 

You may not know it but with my guidance, posing and lighting skills, you will soon see (almost right away) that you are a BADASS!!! That first 10 minutes into the shoot will catapult you into a new realm of self confidence of loving yourself and feeling so freaking amazing you won’t believe it!!

Don’t believe me? Check out Kristin’s testimonial:

I think I’m still on Cloud 9 from my shoot!  What an amazing day!  I can’t thank you enough for all that you did for me. I don’t remember the last time I had that much fun, and I have never felt more empowered or beautiful. A switch flipped inside of me that day, and I know I will never allow anyone to make me feel less than ever again!  You have given me such an incredible gift!  I can’t wait to see all of the images. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough to say!  I will never, ever forget you or that day! ❤️

All you have to do is walk through that door and watch the magic happen !

Linda McCarthy is a professional boudoir photographer in the Greater Annapolis area serving Baltimore, Washington, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.  To schedule your complimentary consultation, click the button below.


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