Jenn’s Testimonial

by Linda McCarthy

Meet Jenn who was one of my models who answered my White Sheet Model Boudoir call earlier this year. We initially met on Zoom for our consultation call and straight away I knew she was going to be amazing.

On the day of the session, she did not disappoint. She was like breath of fresh air!! Her energy, positive vibes were contagious and it wasn’t long before she rocked her session! 

To show you what I mean, check out her testimonial and some of the images below.

Being a curvy plus size woman does make it a bit harder to have confidence in yourself.  You’re constantly being fed that curvy girls aren’t pretty, that lingerie doesn’t look good on you or you need to change.

I saw Linda’s advertisement for Boudoir Photography and thought… why not? I’m so happy I did!!

I walked in and Linda was so welcoming! We had a few conversations through zoom chats, but it was nice to meet her and feel the positive energy she gave off. We got right into hair and make-up! Lilly does wonders! I wanted to have that 50’s pin-up girl style and Lilly did not disappoint. Getting into the photo shoot I was a bit nervous, but Linda was very supportive and encouraging!

After a few takes, I began to settle down and realized my own potential. It was such an uplifting experience. The session flew by so fast and it was so much fun! I got to see a preview of the pictures and I teared up. I never saw myself the way Linda was able to capture me on film. The pictures were beautiful! I looked beautiful, curves and all!

This was the most inspiring and empowering experiences I’ve had. I’m so glad to have met Linda and to do this photo shoot! I think every curvy girl should do a boudoir shoot with Linda. Trust me it will give you a new perspective of yourself. I can’t wait to schedule another shoot!”

Thank you so much for everything,

For most of us, we focus on our negative bits which stops us from seeing ourselves as others see us. As Jenn says in her testimonial, most women do not see themselves as being gorgeous, beautiful and awesome, curves and all.  By embarking on this journey of self-discovery, you will fall in love with yourself and you will greet the world with confidence, love and a renewed sense of energy.

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