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Annapolis Boudoir is looking to photograph 40 women over 40 in a

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$500, $1000, or $2000!!!

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various locations in our custom-designed secret gardens  

   ~a private photo reveal of your images in our studio

~credit towards any album, folio box or collection

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What Others Are Saying

woman with long hair wearing strapless dress looking through the tree branches in the secret garden

Boudoir has been on my bucket list for most of my life; I have been putting it off because I have battled 40 years of “it is not for chubby girls” or “I will do it when I am skinny” thoughts. I scrolled across a popup on my feed and it was Annapolis Boudoir; I clicked on it, of course right, but I am not going to do it. I started to like what I am actually reading and signed up for a session. I met Linda on Zoom and loved her energy, encouragement, and kind spirit from then. I talked myself out of the session 50 million times but Linda was always there with her “you got this” attitude. I made it to my apt and was nervous like never before, what was I doing? As soon as I was at Linda’s location though, she made me feel at home and safe. The passion and love she has for empowering women, making them feel beautiful, and accepting of themselves in their own skin manifested itself through the boudoir shoot. I am so glad that I went through this because the experience alone is well worth it! Some ladies will understand me when I say it is very hard to get out of your own head and it is very hard to take a self love step. I loved how Linda was able to “free” me and I am thrilled at how she was able to get me to see the beauty that has been hiding this whole time. Thank you so very much Linda- for your care, experience, and passion. Ladies, you are in very good hands…. do yourself a favor and do the shoot. ~Jennifer S

“Being a curvy plus size woman does make it a bit harder to have confidence in yourself. You’re constantly being fed that curvy girls aren’t pretty, that lingerie doesn’t look good on you or you need to change.

I saw Linda’s advertisement for Boudoir Photography and thought… why not? I’m so happy I did!!

I walked in and Linda was so welcoming! We had a few conversations through zoom chats, but it was nice to meet her and feel the positive energy she gave off. We got right into hair and make-up! Lilly does wonders! I wanted to have that 50’s pin-up girl style and Lilly did not disappoint. Getting into the photo shoot I was a bit nervous, but Linda was very supportive and encouraging!

After a few takes, I began to settle down and realized my own potential. It was such an uplifting experience. The session flew by so fast and it was so much fun! I got to see a preview of the pictures and I teared up. I never saw myself the way Linda was able to capture me on film. The pictures were beautiful! I looked beautiful, curves and all!

This was the most inspiring and empowering experiences I’ve had. I’m so glad to have met Linda and to do this photo shoot! I think every curvy girl should do a boudoir shoot with Linda. Trust me it will give you a new perspective of yourself. I can’t wait to schedule another shoot!”

Thank you so much for everything  JQ

I am a repeat client of Linda’s. I did my first boudoir shoot with her 2 years ago, just when she was starting her boudoir photo business. I remember being so timid and unsure of myself, lacking confidence, feeling ugly. But a mutual friend had posted about Linda’s photos and how amazing they made her feel, and how Linda boosted her confidence. Shortly after, Linda put out a call for people to model boudoir pics so she could build her boudoir portfolio and I decided to take the plunge. I very
badly needed the confidence boost, as I didn’t like my body. I had been married for almost 40 years and divorced for 2 years at that time and was still healing. I thought maybe doing a photo shoot with her would help me to accept myself and my body, and learn to love both. So at the age of 59, I took the plunge. And it changed my life. It changed me. When Linda started photographing me, I was so nervous and uncomfortable, and feeling very insecure. But Linda is not only an amazing photographer, she is also
a woman’s cheerleader, champion, supporter, and encourager. As the shoot wore on, and as she repeatedly told me how beautiful and sexy I was, and as she repeatedly lifted me up, my confidence
grew, and I started owning it. By the end of the shoot, I was feeling stronger and empowered. It’s amazing how words can affect you. But I still had that doubt, that insecurity and was nervous about how
my photos would turn out. Weeks later, I went back to Linda’s studio to review my photos. It’s hard to put into words how I felt seeing them for the first time. I cried and I couldn’t stop crying. I couldn’t
believe it was me in those photos. Who was that beautiful, confident, sexy 59 year old woman in those photos? Where had she been all my life? Linda brought out in me what I could never see in myself. I saw myself through her eyes and it forever changed how I felt about myself. I am so grateful to have Linda in
my life and to have this experience with her. And I couldn’t wait to do it again with her some day! I just completed my second shoot with her at the age of 61 – a Wet & Wild shoot! And once again, Linda has lifted me up and brought out the sexy in me, the beautiful in me. As I age, my skin and body show it. Though I love my age, I see the wrinkles, and cellulite and sagging body parts, and sometimes it still
bothers me. But Linda is there to remind me how beautiful and sexy I am, no matter the age. She has absolutely changed my life and I am so very thankful for her. ~Susan G

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Hi, I am Linda and I believe that every woman should have a beautiful boudoir portrait session no matter her age, status, size, etc. For once she does, she falls in love with herself all over again and in turn she greets the world with a renewed sense of spirit, love of self and confidence.

I have a loft studio in my 100 year old farmhouse as well as a secret gardens designed with portrait sessions in mind.

“Beautiful,” “empowered”, “strong” are words I hear when I have the privilege of photographing women. It is all about getting her in touch with herself and to see what I see behind the lens..a beautiful woman!

Annapolis Boudoir Photography is a division of Visual Concepts Photography and it is located in Davidsonville, MD. We serve greater Annapolis area, Baltimore, Washington and the Eastern Shore.