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Your boudoir session is coming up and you need to prepare but not sure where to start, right? I have complied 20 Things To Do Before Your Boudoir Session | Annapolis Boudoir Photography. Nothing feels better than being organized and confident before your photo session. These steps will help guide you to a smooth and stress free day!! Enjoy!!

Boudoir builds self-esteem and confidence
  2.     You are in great hands with Annapolis Boudoir Photography and my professional hair and makeup artist!! I promise you that once you step inside, take a deep breath and relax as Lily or Samia work their magic! It’s your hour to decompress and take it all in. 
  2.     I can’t stress this enough. The more water you drink, the more hydrated you will be which in turn will make your skin glow. Start early, drink often.
  3.    We will discuss your 3-5 choices during our Zoom call. In the meantime, you can check out my blog post, “What Do I Wear” for guidance. Your clothing options should flatter your body type and make up feel beautiful. For example, if you are concerned about your tummy area, you can opt for high waisted panties that have a high-thigh cut or a  sexy body suit.  If you need to buy one item, I would really suggest a body suit that fits you properly and flatters you. I can create so many amazing images with one body suit! If you can only purchase ONE item, purchase a body suit that will flatter your body type.
    If you get waxed, schedule your appointment at least 3 to 5 days prior to your session.
    Around the two week mark prior to your session, make sure you visit your hair stylist to get your hair cut and colored as you would normally do. Please do not try anything new at this time because it could negatively impact your session.
   If you can, but not necessary, schedule a facial a week prior to your session. Of course, a  home facial works wonders, too.
   If carbs make  you bloat (as it does me) please try to either cut them out or cut down as I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable during your session.  
beautiful woman with long hair lying down on bed looking down and smiling
    Make sure you get a good mani and pedi prior to your session.
     Keep drinking your water
      Make sure that your outfits are ready and if any need pressing, now is the time to do so
11. Wash your hair and dry completely. No need to style or add any product as our hair stylist has you covered
12. Clean and moisturize your skin the night before and the day of the session. No need to wear any makeup.
13. Have a good nights sleep
14. Keep drinking your water
15. Use clear deodorant
16. Eat something light but filling. You will soon burn it off
17.Wear comfortable, loose clothing (sans bra) 
18.Leave plenty of time for travel 
19.Bring your positive affirmations, vibes and your badassery! Let’ rock this together!
20. Just before you walk through the door, take a deep breath! You are in good hands!!!


I forgot one last thing…you are going to look and feel so amazing afterwards!!! Make a date and celebrate you and your badassery!!! You deserve it!!

I hope that 20 Things To Do Before Your Boudoir Session | Annapolis Boudoir Photography is a source of information for you. If you have any questions, please click the link below and let’s chat!! 

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