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We’ve heard all the common myths and fears from women about why they don’t do boudoir. It’s time to get rid of those fears once and for all!

Feeling Intimidated?

We know it’s intimidating to do something you’ve never done before. But in all honesty, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s normal to be too shy and nervous. Trust us. We have all been there once upon a time! In fact, check out my blog post about when I decided I should pose for a boudoir session myself: 

Your nervousness simply means you’re out of your comfort zone. But being fearful and holding back will not foster your personal growth. Don’t waste your energy on what could go wrong, but instead, have trust and think about what could go right!

Nothing to Wear?

Another fear is… not having anything to wear. Come on! Now is the time to shop and have fun! If you are comfortable with being completely nude, go for it!  If not, then welcome to the no-pants club and bring your favorite oversized t-shirt! Remember, boudoir photographers can make magic happen with a simple bed sheet as well.  And, Annapolis Boudoir has a closetful of bodysuits, negligees, and other lingerie you can try on!  Check out our recent blog on what to wear:

Feeling Shy?

If you’re worried about showing your body in front of a stranger, here’s my advice: A good photographer won’t ever push you. If you aren’t comfortable yet, we will recognize that and work with you. A good photographer will know how to break down those walls and have YOU feeling ready!  Our boudoir clients are constantly commenting about how at ease I made them feel.

Not Sexy Enough?

If you think you aren’t going to feel sexy, think again. You won’t look ridiculous. With our guidance, you’re going to look amazing.

Worried What Others Might Think?

One of the most common and silly fears is caring what others might think.  Remember that a boudoir photography experience is just for YOU. The images we will create with you are yours to show to whomever you want — even if that’s no one but yourself (and maybe your significant other!)  

Not everyone may understand why you want to do a boudoir session — but they don’t have to. Don’t live for others. Instead, live for yourself and don’t limit yourself to what others might say or think.

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