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Our Session Fee is normally $499

but right now, you can have it for just

$99 plus a $200 gift voucher towards any album, folio box or collection.

Celebrate You!

My wish for you is to have a beautiful boudoir portrait session that will forever change the way you see yourself.  At Annapolis Boudoir we transform the everyday woman into a beautiful goddess and it is here where she falls in love with herself all over again and greets the world with love of self, confidence and a renewed sense of energy.

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there  you will always long to return.” ~Leonardo da Vinci

We are offering just for you

a luxury boudoir session to include professional Hair and Makeup Artistry

Lite Fare,

3 Outfit Changes with Access to our Wardrobe Closet,

Pose Coaching, 

an In-Studio Image Reveal & Ordering Session, 

In-House Retouching!

Our Session Fee is Normally $499

but right now, you can have it for just


Here’s how it works…

You pay only $99. We will set up a telephone or Zoom consultation to discuss all the details and schedule your Luxury Boudoir Session.  You will also receive a Welcome Guide so you are fully prepared for your session.

Professional Makeup and Hair Artistry included

Plus a huge Confidence Boost!

I met Linda a few years back and recently did a boudoir session with her. She has captured through her lens a beauty I could not see. …..Sofia G.

Meeting and working with you has been a life-changing experience. The photo shoot has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. You are amazing…Sue G

I came with ideas in mind and you took them to a new level! I loved working with you and love the images! Thank you for everything!!  ..Amanda G.

Let’s break it all down.


—  a telephone or Zoom consultation to plan out your session

—  Professional Hair and Makeup Artistry 

—  Lite Refreshments

—  a 90 minute luxury boudoir session

—  3 changes of outfits with access to our studio’s boudoir wardrobe

—  Pose Coaching

—  an In-Studio Image Reveal and Ordering Session

—  In-House Retouching of your selected images

PLUS…a $200 gift voucher towards any album. folio box or collection!!!