Nicole’s Love Note After a Boudoir Session with Annapolis Boudoir Photography

I love getting these notes that come when I least expect it. Nicole is one of those amazingly strong women who has faced health battles straight in the eye and who is doggedly determined not to let that identify her. She is permanently on oxygen but that did not stop her from pushing through her blocks to answer the call for a boudoir session in the Secret Garden. And, damn, I am so glad she did!!! We immediately hit it off and I knew, I just knew this amazing girl was going to slay it!!!

Here is what Nicole had to say:

Thank you Linda for showing me that I can be sexy and beautiful WITH my scars WITH my bruises and WITH my oxygen on!!!! I feel absolutely gorgeous in that picture and it makes my heart sing and I feel ALIVE!!! During the photo shoot, a few songs kept singing in my head.. One from Jekyll & Hyde, the other from Greatest Showman. I admit I also had a few of Musetta’s eras from La Boheme and Berlin’s from Don Giovanni and several other songs.

All with a common thread…I am ALIVE…I am ME…and hence why the words on this page(I am brave, I am bruised, I am who I’m meant to be, This is me. This is brave, This is proof, This is who I’m meant to be, This is ME), an excerpt from “This is Me,” from the Greatest Showman had to be printed with this pic. It was too fitting, too perfect.

This is the best personal gift I have ever given myself and a personal journey to open my eyes and LIVE and LOVE and EMBRACE this next chapter in my life. Thank you so much, Linda, you are not just an artist and photographer, you are a miracle worker! And, Lily, you made my hair look glorious!!

That age old saying “the camera doesn’t lie”, I confess, I was a bit worried about my
scars and imperfections and everything showing in my photos. Yet, from the moment I arrived Linda’s positive energy melted away my “worries”. She “magically” opened my eyes to my own beauty, my scars, flaws, stretch marks, wrinkles, grays and all. I drove home that day feeling for the first time in over a decade that I was attractive and beautiful. Linda showed me a few photos directly on her camera that day and I was in shock on how good they were. I was surprised that it was ME…with my oxygen and my big scars!! Learning to wear a swimsuit with confidence and learning to love one’s own flaws, imperfections and aging body is difficult and beyond challenging yet after my afternoon with Linda, I was literally transformed in such a positive way.

Here are a few favorites that hang above my bathroom soaking tub. My teen daughter said they are beautiful and reminded her of a European designer advertisement photoshoot! She’s extremely opinionated and I can’t even begin to describe how much of a compliment this was from her, or how looking at these while I soak in my tub, or through the mirror brushing my teeth, how beautiful they make me feel!!

Linda captured these while I was resting, and not even “posing”. Here is another one of me resting with my oxygen sitting in a chair enjoying her beautiful garden

Thank you, Nicole, for sharing your experience with a boudoir session at Annapolis Boudoir Photography.  We hope other women will be inspired by your story and your passion to take a similar journey towards self-worth and empowerment. ALL WOMEN are beautiful by design and ALL WOMEN deserve to exists in portraits.

Nicole’s powerful testimonial led me to write a blog (see below) on the importance of existing in portraits.


Many ask me if I sell  digitals only.  The short answer is “no, I do not.” And there is a reason for that.  My latest blog, “Learn More About the Impact of a Printed Image” address this in detail and I encourage you to check it out below. You will be glad you did!

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