Sarah’s Testimonial About Her Boudoir Session with Annapolis Boudoir

Here is a written testimonial I received in the mail (which is so rare!), I just had to share with you her feelings after her boudoir session with Annapolis Boudoir. 

Sarah came in for a boudoir session some years ago and was really not sure this was going to work for her. She had self doubt about her image (don’t we all) but she decided to push through her blocks and signed up for one. (I am always amazed when this happens because, let’s face it, it’s daunting. You are going to a strange woman’s house to not only be photographed but to be photographed in your skivvies in a boudoir session!!) So, yes, I applaud each and every woman who has ignored her fears and embarked on her journey to self love. And, trust me, every woman does fall in love with herself, and it is so cool to witness.

But, I digress. Here is her testimony about her boudoir session with Annapolis Boudoir:
“Linda, I have been meaning to write this note to you for months! Time always seems to be an obstacle.
Thank you for so many reasons! I’m so thankful that I pursued a session with you. The experience was so memorable and came at a time when I need it. You made me believe in myself again! Not hide my feminine, sensual self!
You are very special! I am forever grateful for meeting you! I am humbled that you’ve used me for your business (I’ve used her as a model subsequent to her session with me for marketing purposes).
This note does not come close to what I want to say, and, honestly, I’m not sure I can put into words my feelings.

Every woman should do one boudoir session in her lifetime! Every woman should face her fear and step into her own truth and own it! Let me reiterate: every woman is beautiful by design. EVERY.WOMAN.IS.BEAUTIFUL.  It doesn’t matter where we come from, it doesn’t matter how old we are, it doesn’t matter what size we are. None of that matters. None!! Own it! We are strong, we are soft, we have curves, we multi-task, we are caretakers, we are givers. We are the backbone of our orbit. Make no mistake about it. We are deserving. We are enough! And we deserve to exist in portraits. Every one of us deserves to invest in ourselves. And, you know why? Because it is here that we let our light shine fully and brightly!! And, in doing so, we let others around us shine their own light. We’ve come to a place of self love, self acceptance and a place of joy!!! And every woman deserves that.

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Linda McCarthy is a premier Maryland boudoir photographer conveniently located in Davidsonville, MD, and serving the Greater Annapolis area, Baltimore, Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.

If weather permits, our boudoir sessions are accomplished outdoors in our beautiful and secluded Secret Gardens, complete with a waterfall pond, Southern front porch, and even a rope swing!  We can also photograph you indoors in our loft studio.

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