Hello there!! I’m Linda and I am a portrait photographer for the  CONTEMPORARY WOMAN!!

– The woman who has been through amazing stuff and still has a reason to get up each morning.

– The woman who believes I AM is  enough!

– The woman who is a supporter of other woman.

– The woman who knows her path and is determined to stay on it no matter what!! 


That woman who wants images for HER to show her how beautiful she is, how strong she is and to empower her with images that will make her fall in love with herself all over again and greet the world with love of self, confidence and a renewed sense of spirit.

My art is more about empowering the woman and showing her how beautiful she is; boudoir infused with glamour. “For it is here that she is transformed into a beautiful woman and in turn has been empowered by her image. She falls in love with herself all over again and greets the world with confidence, love of self and a renewed spirit.”