Recapture Your Sexiness with a Boudoir Session

Recapture Your Sexiness with a Boudoir Session

Think boudoir is only for the young?  Think again!  

Boudoir photography is all about being comfortable in your own skin and celebrating your unique beauty. No matter your age, your size, or how many children you’ve had, you are gorgeous. But as we age, it often becomes harder to feel good about our bodies, especially with the messages blaring at us from television, movies, and magazines that tell us that beauty—and youth—are everything.

You may think boudoir is only for women in their twenties and thirties, but older women have more experience and know their bodies better. They know what makes them feel sexy, and they deserve to show it.

If you’re 40+ and considering a boudoir shoot, check out these ways to feel confident and capture images that will help you show off your femininity and help you recapture your sexiness with a boudoir session.

Start Conservatively.

When many women think of boudoir, they think of lacy lingerie or even naked boudoir, both of which may feel way outside your comfort zone. But boudoir is so much more than lingerie. The outfits you wear are up to you, and it’s best to start with something you feel comfortable in. Maybe you’re into a casual shorts and over-large T-shirt look, or maybe you want to start with something glamorous, like an evening gown or cocktail dress.

Whatever you choose to wear, it often helps to start with something more conservative and slowly work your way up to lingerie looks. Remember: sexy isn’t about bare skin—it’s about attitude and confidence.

Embrace your Beauty and Recapture Your Sexiness.

The marks on your body, whether stretch marks, veins, or grey hair, are signs of a life well lived. But so rarely do we see women over 40 in the media portrayed as vibrant and sensual. You don’t have to be young to be beautiful. Your beauty is unique and tells the story of your life’s journey. Boudoir photography allows you to fully capture that beauty—a sensuality that is ageless and timeless.

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Trust your Photographer to Recapture Your Sexiness.

You’ve hired a photographer not to make you look beautiful, but to bring your beauty into focus, where you—and anyone who sees your photos—can truly see it. Your photographer knows how to use lighting, posing, wardrobe, makeup, and especially your innate confidence to create gorgeous and sexy boudoir images of you.

Regardless of your age and how you may think you look, you deserve to feel beautiful and sexy. Boudoir photography can be an empowering experience, transforming how you see yourself and helping you to truly love your body. 

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Everything You Need to Know When Preparing for Your Boudoir Shoot

Everything You Need to Know

When Preparing for Your Boudoir Shoot

with Maryland’s Premier Boudoir Photographer conveniently located inthe Greater annapolis Area

You’ve scheduled your boudoir session, and you’re ready to rock it! But do you know what you need to do beforehand to ensure you have the best possible session? Here are some tips on preparing for your boudoir shoot.  You should definitely talk to your photographer about preparing for your boudoir shoot, but here are some basic tips that can help you make the most of your boudoir session.


1. Take time choosing outfits.

If you’re planning to shop your closet, be sure to try on every piece you want to wear. Our bodies change over time, and what looked amazing on you 10 years ago may not fit quite right today. Fortunately, that gives you an excuse to go shopping! Find several sexy looks you absolutely love and bring them with you to your session. The more options you have, the better off you’ll be.

2. Stay hydrated.

In the days leading up to your shoot and on the day of itself, be sure to drink plenty of water to help your skin look fresh. Try to avoid alcohol or salty foods—anything that can have a negative impact on your complexion.

3. Wear loose, comfy clothes.

When you’re getting dressed for your boudoir session, dress comfortably and casually. Make sure your clothes are loose-fitting, and don’t wear anything that could leave marks on your skin. Pieces like bras, socks, a belt, or even tight jeans can leave red lines or indentations that will show up in photos.

4. Bring extras.

You’ve invested time and money in looking and feeling gorgeous at your boudoir session. The last thing you want is a rip in your lacy lingerie or a pair of torn fishnets to ruin your day. Make sure you have backup pieces, just in case the worst happens, and save yourself from stressing about a run in your tights.

Check out this link on “What Do I Wear” 

5. Get a touchup—and avoid spray tans.

If you dye your hair, consider getting a touchup the week of your shoot to make sure your locks look their best. And consider this an excuse to pamper yourself a bit—get a manicure and pedicure and a wax before your session. These little details can be a huge pro in your photos. And if you want to tan, do so naturally and in the nude to avoid tan lines, or get a professional tanning job. Don’t use sprays, gels, or lotions that look unnatural. You want to relish your natural beauty!

6. Relax!

Most importantly, take a deep breath and relax! Have fun with your photo session. Your photographer will do their absolute best to make you comfortable. They’re here to make you feel like the glamorous and gorgeous woman you are, so let them do their job and embrace your most sensual self.

For more information on booking your own luxury boudoir session, click here.

Celebrate Your Body With Boudoir

Celebrate Your Body

with Maryland’s Premier Boudoir Photographer located in the Greater Annapolis area

Annapolis Boudoir Photography

Celebrate your body with a luxury boudoir session at our Annapolis Boudoir Photography studio. 

One of my favorite things about boudoir photography is the way it allows women to truly love their own bodies, often for the first time. We spent most of our lives hearing how we need to lose weight, hide blemishes, avoid wrinkles,  until we feel like we’ll never look how we should. Can you relate?

You are Beautiful Just the Way You Are

Boudoir challenges these ideas. It suggests something radical! You are beautiful just the way you are. There’s nothing wrong with losing weight, eating healthy, and getting fit. In fact, those things are awesome! But you should do them so you feel better and stronger. You should not do them because advertising and the media are telling you to. Boudoir photography is all about showing the world just what you’re made of! Why? Because EVERY WOMAN BY DESIGN IS BEAUTIFUL!!! So, celebrate your body! 


No matter your age, chances are you’ve had struggles, and your body may reflect some of your experiences. That’s not something to be ashamed of. It’s something to be proud of! We all have body issues, and boudoir is a great way to remind yourself of how strong and capable you are. These photo sessions invite you to change your thinking. And to show love and respect to the body that has carried and continues to carry you through life.

To learn more about Sofia’s story, click here

Love Your BODY

Maybe you want to get fit before your photo session. That’s a great goal! But instead of setting a goal weight to reach, consider working to feel great and to be in your best shape, whatever that means for you personally. It can be so dangerous to tie your worth to your weight because you may not always be able to maintain it, and that can be devastating for your self-esteem. But a boudoir session can be an awesome and fun way to celebrate looking and feeling great in your body—and you’ll have the photos to prove it!

Show off your STRENGTH

Whether you’ve spent months lifting weights at the gym or you’ve got a family and/or career keeping you busy, you are strong and powerful, and you deserve to feel that way. A boudoir session is a great way to remind yourself of your unique strength. In the years to come, when you face challenges and struggles, you can look back on these photos and remember just how tough you truly are.


We all have different ways of showing off our personalities and feeling at home in our skin. But if you’ve never tried boudoir, you may be surprised at how awesome it will make you feel. I love helping women see their own beauty and feel sexier than they’ve ever felt before! Strutting your stuff to celebrate your body not only makes you feel beautiful—it makes you feel powerful and allows your unique personality to shine through!

No matter your reason for booking a session, boudoir photography can offer a boost to your self-confidence and can help you see yourself in a brand-new light. You deserve to feel amazing, to feel strong, and to celebrate your body!

For more information about booking a boudoir session, click here.

How to Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin


“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” 

~Thich Nhat Hanh

Doing a boudoir shoot is probably one of the most daunting photography sessions. You want to do it but you are not comfortable in your own skin and you want to get over that. But how? When my client comes in for her boudoir session, most often she is clearly nervous. We stop everything, and I ask to look at me and concentrate on what I have to say. “Take a deep breath from the diaphragm and release it slowly. And again. And one more time.” “How do you feel?” “Better,” she responds. I realized at that time, meditation is a powerful tool to help you get to where you need to be because trust me when I tell you, “Beauty comes from the inside out.” The problem is not the exterior. The problem is what is happening on the inside. When I realized that, I knew I was onto something big to help my clients become more comfortable in their own skin. I highly recommend a daily does of mediation for however long it may take you. I always strive for 10 minutes at the beginning of my day.  If you are not mediating, find resources that will help you. In the meantime, here are a few other steps to help you get you started in the right direction:


We all do it!  We rely on our partners for assurance, our parents, our family members, our bosses, our co-workers, our girlfriends.  In other words, our circle.  It’s lovely getting validation and it is important; however, the danger lies with putting your self worth into 100% of other’s opinion of you.  Sooner than later, you will be disappointed in what they say and ultimately disappointed in you.  Stop it!   Their opinion doesn’t matter one way or the other.  Think of it this way; putting your value into other’s people way of thinking of you, you immediate lose your own power!! 


Practice self love every day even if you don’t believe it. Do it every single day and trust me faking it until you make it works every time! All you have to do is think positive thoughts about you! Make note of one thing you love about yourself each day and concentrate on that one thing. I sometimes use post it notes on my mirror, my computer, my my car, in the kitchen to remind myself of what a badass I am!!! Sooner or later, it will kick in and one day you will realize that you made it!!!


So once you start to let go of other’s own opinions of you, that is when you start to build your own self worth. How do you do that? Baby steps! You start  small and gradually build up over time. Find tools that will  help you to build your own self worth. Here are some examples:
JOURNAL … spend a few moments each day writing something positive about yourself
SELF TALK…look in the mirror each day and give yourself a pep talk 
POSITIVE QUOTES…find positive quotes that resonate with you and post those suckers everywhere!!


This is a game changer! Take not of what you cannot change and accept them. Take note of what you can change and start taking steps towards changing what it is that you do not like about yourself. Baby steps. Set goals. And work towards them. What do you need to do to change to be the person you want to be; someone you like and respect.


You are bombarded with beautiful photos of women on Facebook, Instagram, blog posts, magazines, EVERYWHERE you look!! Instead of focusing on that, spend time blocking out the noise and start meditating. You will find great strength and power in a daily 10 minute meditation that will make you feel refreshed and alive (and beautiful).  REMEMBER..BEAUTY COMES FROM WITHIN and not the other way around. Trust me on this one!!!   STOP LISTENING TO THE MEDIA!!! Be your own person! Break the rules!!  Look at role models such as Betty White, Iris Apfel, Helen Mirren, and so on.
Do not let age be a deterrent.


Treat yourselves the way you would treat others!! STOP, LISTEN, TAKE NOTE of what you are saying to yourself. Once you consciously start doing that, you will change the way you see yourself. Forgive yourself. Say it out loud! Be kind to yourself! Do nice things for yourself.


Clean House !! If someone in your life is not providing you with positive feedback about yourself, it’s time to move on!  I cannot stress this enough! 


Annapolis Boudoir VIP Facebook Group is a good place to start!


and not the other way around.

Now that you have read this far and are on the verge of seeing yourself in a new and positive light, I recommend you read the following blog post for inspiration: 

Love and light,


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to hear from other women about their boudoir session experience!


I met Linda a few years back and recently did a boudoir session with her. She has captured through her lens a beauty I could not see. …..Sofia G.

Meeting and working with you has been a life-changing experience. The photo shoot has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. You are amazing…Sue G

I came with ideas in mind and you took them to a new level! I loved working with you and love the images! Thank you for everything!!  ..Amanda G.


Hi, I am Linda and I believe that every woman should have a beautiful boudoir portrait session no matter her age, status, size, etc. For once she does, she falls in love with herself all over again and in turn she greets the world with a renewed sense of spirit, love of self and confidence.

I have a loft studio in my 100 year old farmhouse as well as a secret garden designed with portrait sessions in mind.

“Beautiful,” “empowered”, “strong” are words I hear when I have the privilege of photographing women. It is all about getting her in touch with herself and to see what I see behind the lens..a beautiful woman!

Annapolis Boudoir Photography is a division of Visual Concepts Photography and it is located in Davidsonville, MD. We serve greater Annapolis area, Baltimore, Washington and the Eastern Shore.

Erica’s Boudoir Experience

Erica’s Boudoir Experience

Meet Erica and learn about her experience with having not ONE but TWO boudoir sessions with me at Annapolis Boudoir, conveniently located in Davidsonville, Maryland!


“I am getting married this year so I was looking into a wedding gift for my fiancé. I loved the idea of doing a boudoir shoot not only because it would be the perfect wedding gift but I felt it was a good way of embracing my recovered body after years of disordered eating. I was SO nervous for my shoot but once I met Linda I felt at ease. She made me feel so comfortable and beautiful!

Before the shoot, Linda and I collaborated together in designing a shoot with me in mind. She took my ideas and incorporated them in the studio to make my shoot customized.  There isn’t anything cookie-cutter about her style, poses or studio sets! Because I did my shoot in the Spring, we were able to take advantage of her stunning Japanese Magnolia and old-fashioned tree swing that provided a stunning backdrop to stunning outdoor images.

When I saw the photos, they were amazing! Not only would my fiancé love them, but I loved them! They empowered me in ways I never thought possible.


Linda has the most amazing Secret Garden nestled on the side of her farmhouse studio. It has an amazing pond, flower garden with bird bath and a wrought iron fence that opens to the most secret garden ever! A few months after my studio session, I was able to do a second shoot in her secret garden. I found that my second time I was even more comfortable and I am IN LOVE with those photos as well.

I can’t wait to see the look on my fiancé’s face when he receives my wedding gift! I would never go anywhere else for boudoir photos. Thank you, Linda!!”


to hear from other women about their boudoir session experience!