Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity to shoot with you. This has been such a transitional time in my life and to be able to mark it with such an incredible gift was just priceless. I can’t wait to do more with you. You are remarkable, uplifting, and powerful Linda McCarthy. This is your calling.    

                                                                                               — Dani

Wow… just WOW. You captured me beautifully. I’m so blessed to have had the opportunity to shoot with you.

                                                                                               — Dani


I met Linda McCarthy in February 2017. She’s an amazing woman and photographer who has been crucial to my life in so many ways. Linda was looking to photograph dancers and a family member gave me her information. I hesitated to call her because I was in my 40’s recovering from an eating disorder…Being photographed was really stepping out of my comfort zone. When I contacted Linda, she asked me the age of “my dancer,” to which I responded, “I am the dancer” even if the whole time I felt unworthy of the title. The day of the shoot, I changed leotards a hundred times. When I walked into the studio, I was super nervous because I looked nothing like a dancer. I had put on weight and my moves were mediocre. Linda made me feel very comfortable and even beautiful. Although I couldn’t wait to see the images, I was a little afraid. When I saw the photos, I was floored. She had captured with her lens a beauty that I could not see with my own eyes. I now have a canvas in my living room that reminds me of that very moment. Linda and I would go on to build a bond of trust and friendship that allowed me to pose for her many other times, even for boudoir photos, which I love. I had to push away my fears and the results brought me closer to my recovery. I just like myself a little more now. Thank you Linda

                                                                                                                               — 💕 Sofia



Meeting and working with you has been a life-changing experience. The shoot is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I will be forever grateful that I saw your post that day. You are amazing!!

                                                      — Sue