About Annapolis Boudoir Photography

Hi, I am Linda!

I am a  full-time Annapolis boudoir photographer, serving Maryland, Washington, DC, Delaware and Pennylvania. I specialize  in black and white fine art photography for the modern woman!!

I am the woman who has been through amazing stuff and still has a reason to get up each morning.

I am the woman who believes I AM is  enough!

I am the woman who is a supporter of other woman.

I am woman who knows her path and is determined to stay on it no matter what!! 

I am the woman who wants to photograph YOU to show you how beautiful you are, how strong you are, and to empower you with images that will make you fall in love with yourself all over again and greet the world with love of self, confidence and a renewed sense of spirit.

I live in Davidsonville, MD in a 100 year old farmhouse that boasts a Secret Garden, a southern front porch, an old-fashioned tree swing all waiting for you to discover!


Our contemporary farmhouse boutique studio has gorgeous natural light that flatters the body and face. We are minimalist studio with hardwood floors, natural light and white ceilings, super flattering colors and tones. Our sets are very simple as we concentrate more on images that speak to you and show your beautiful self in the best light and conditions.

In addition to our loft studio, we have a secret garden just waiting for you that boasts an Italian garden, a pond, a wrought iron fence and an old fashioned tree swing. It is what separates us from our competition.

Your shoot will be an amazing experience from start to finish. Leave the city life behind, de-stress and let us take you on a journey of love and self-discovery in our gorgeous setting all waiting to be discovered by you.


Come play in our Secret Garden!

And there's more . . .

In 2007, we moved into our one-hundred year old farmhouse sitting on one acre of land, and immediately started converting the property into a wonderland of beautiful venues for your photoshoot, including our Southern Front Porch, our Bi-Level Garden Pond, our Italian Garden, our English Cottage Garden, our French Breakfast Patio with Wrought Iron Table and Chairs, and our Japanese Magnolia with an Old-Fashioned Tree Swing. 

We are perhaps most proud, though, of our special Secret Garden — a place where you can feel free and one with the natural world.  Come and check out all of our locations!